Julien Discovers Joys of Offense

People talk about the defensive play of the Bruins, but one of the things that seems to make them such a great team is their ability to shift gears. When coach Claude Julien switches on the offense, it’s a very impressive thing to watch. The Bruins can be very aggressive in transition and forecheck as well as they backcheck.

You have to give a ton fo credit to Julien. He’s reinvented himself, going from a defense-only coach, to someone who can use the new NHL style when appropriate. And I suspect it makes him very hard to coach against, since if a team lays back too much, the Bruins offense can push a team back into their own zone (the Bruins have 20 goals in their past five games), but if an opposing team is speeding up the game too much, the Bruins can slow down the tempo.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the Bruins so far this season.

Also, I missed this, but apparently the Times admitted there’s an NHL team in Vancouver.