The Unstoppable Melrose Autopsy

I feel like we’ll be doing the post-mortem on Barry Melrose’s coaching tenure in Tampa for years to come. Eventually, I suspect a dissertation or thesis will be written on the topic. Or at least a song. Erik Erlendsson seems pretty sure Melrose wasn’t “fired” by superstar Lecavalier, saying it was more Melrose who got himself fired. Erlendsson does say that management questioned players about Melrose’s performance before canning him, though, and he wasn’t polling very well.

Meanwhile, in terms of Tampa moving on from this, new coach Rick Tocchet seems to be using some sort of random line generator.

Tocchet has a lot of players to win back (and that seems to be going pretty well), though, so I suspect a lot of the line juggling is designed 1) to find some offense and perhaps create a pure checking line and 2) to keep the players a little off-balance so they can move past the failed Melrose experiment. Eventually, that might even translate to a win for the team.