It Takes a Village to Build an NHL Team

Fluto Shinzawa had a great piece in the Globe, looking at which of the Bruins recent GMs brought in which current player.

I suspect current GM Peter Chiarelli is not quite getting all of the credit he deserves. He didn’t start as GM right away due to his contract with Ottawa, but some moves have his fingerprints all over them. Like the signing of former Ottawa defenseman Zdeno Chara that same summer Chiarelli came over.

It all shows how difficult it is to develop a team. It takes a lot of time, and across sports, most owners/management groups don’t have the stomach or patience to see if what a GM or coach is doing will really turn a team around.

Of course, at the same time, you have to recognize when your team just doesn’t work. Over in Dallas, as the team looks for wins, the legendary Stars defense has become a casualty of offense (although offense is a bit of a strong word for what’s going on in Dallas). The Stars remind me a lot of this season’s Rangers: both are defensive teams without a go-to scorer. The teams are pressing for goals at the expense of their defense, putting them deeper into holes they usually can’t climb out of (although the Rangers won last night). To some extent, it’s a coaching issue, but to a perhaps larger extent, it’s a personnel issue. If players don’t see where scoring will come from, they’re going to press. You can win a game 1-0, but you can’t win one 0-0 (sorry, Jacques Lemaire).

So basically ownership needs to wait right up until it’s time to stop waiting.