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Brooks: ‘Is McSorley Still Available?’

So I leave New York City for like three or four days and I come back and Larry Brooks is clamoring for the Rangers to bring in Sean Avery? I’m glad I wasn’t gone a week. Otherwise Chris Simon might have been in the line-up. I see Brooks’ point. The Rangers are soft. There’s very […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! Here are the RotoRob fantasy hockey awards, which I worked on. Also, there’s a a big picture of Evgeni Malkin making out with his girlfriend, so be prepared.

Holiday Stress

I think the holidays stress everyone out — even athletes and coaches. People around the NHL seem a little tense. Over in St. Louis, coach Andy Murray called out players by name after a loss to the Bruins. And now, rather than apologizing or clarifying, Murray is bizarrely standing by his jerky behavior. All of […]

Sundin Heading West; Wings Are Not Scared

I’m sorry but I think Mats Sundin is a little crazy. This week he was in New York, huddling with the Rangers, making it seem like his signing was inevitable. And then, of course, he signed with the Canucks. In New York, the beat writers seem to believe the X factor was a dollar sign. […]

Keenan Being Keenan

Mike Keenan was back in St. Louis Tuesday and true to form, he was making fans miserable. In typical Keenan fashion, he played the victim. Then, the media came in and fact-checked his statements. How many times do you think this dance has been performed? Hundreds? Thousands? Sometimes I think Keenan is maturing and then […]

Drury on the Move?

Adrian Dater has an interesting plot twist in the Sundin To Rangers Show. Like how about the Rangers moving Chris Drury to Colorado? Adrian Dater says it’s not impossible. He concocts a scenario where the Rangers waive Drury, Colorado claims him, and the Rangers are only on the hook for half of Drury’s salary. Because […]

Sundin Can’t Help the Rangers

I haven’t really talked about Mats Sundin possibly/probably coming to the Rangers because it seemed like such a dumb idea, I didn’t think there was any way it was really going to happen. But more and more, it seems likes it’s going to happen. It doesn’t make any sense for the Rangers, who are deep […]

Penguins Detroy Isles

Geez. The Isles had to know that after losing three in a row, the Penguins were going to be looking for a win in a big way. And the Penguins had to know the Isles have been struggling, pretty much from minute one of the season. But I don’t think anyone saw last night’s 9-2 […]

Flyers: ‘Members Only is Not Just a Jacket’

The brilliant play of the Flyers can be attributed to a players-only meeting held in mid-October. According to Simon Gagne, the Flyers just talked about being more responsible at their respective positions. I’ve always wanted to be in on a players-only meeting. I have a lot of questions: Who convenes it? Does anyone use a […]

Senators: ‘We Didn’t Want Our Fans to See Us Like This’

Don’t worry if you missed last night’s Blackhawks-Senators game. Apparently a lot of Canadians did, too, as the game was shown on the not-widely-available TSN2. Can you imagine if the Blackhawks still didn’t broadcast their home games? This might have been a game practically unseen by anyone outside of the United Center. Obviously, the Senators […]