Too Hot for Maxim: Chicago Brings a Third Goalie Into the Mix

Over in Chicago, Corey Crawford, the highly regarded (by the Blackhawks, anyway) goalie is finally getting some playing time.

Well he’s not really playing. He’s really backing-up. But still. He’s with the club, waiting to crack the lineup and live up to his one-time billing as Chicago’s so-called goalie of the future. Of course, during Chicago’s Patrick Lalime years, we thought Chicago’s goalie of the future hadn’t been born yet.

The good news for Crawford is that with Nikolai Khabibulin’s groin strain, he’s only got one goalie in front of him.

If I’m Cristobal Huet, I’m going to ask someone to taste my food and start my car.

Also, how funny is it that there’s this huge goalie controversy in Chicago, Khabibulin finally seems to win the job, and then his groin flares up? Funny to me. Not so funny to him, I guess.