Very Neat, Well-Organized (Coaching) Seconds

We always talk about the NHL coaching carousel but some coaches do seem to evolve. Chicago coach Joel Quenneville, who always seemed a little too player friendly to me, has taken to benching players and it seems to be working.

Colorado’s Tony Granato, who replaced Quenneville in Colorado after being replaced by Quenneville (an extreme version of the carousel), seems to be more effective in his second stint in Colorado.

Not that you can tell from Colorado’s record or playing. But the players seem to like him.

Paul Maurice just boomeranged back to Carolina and according to Jim Kelley, it might have been more of a financial move than a strategic one. Toronto is still paying part of Paul Maurice’s severance package, giving Carolina the ability to afford him.

Two-Line Pass had a great look at some better coaching choices for Carolina.

Outgoing Carolina coach Peter Laviolette could find himself back there in just a few years, though. Assuming there’s still a franchise in Carolina. Or ownership doesn’t go with a self-coaching model. I bet a traffic light over the bench would be even cheaper than a coach.