Leafs: ‘Bad Contracts Are a Feature, Not a Bug’

The Maple Leafs don’t have a ton going for them but one thing they do have is cap space.

According to Damien Cox, a lot of NHL GMs are nervous about the global economy and about future caps, and that might make them open to dumping a huge contract and some picks for the peace of mind of not having that huge contract on their books.

Of course, then the Leafs are capped out, so I’m not sure if this is an ideal situation for new GM Brian Burke.

Of course, the 2009-10 cap is confirmed to at least stay the same, so I can’t imagine any of the contracts being hypothetically dumped would be very good ones. They’ll probably be guys like Jason Blake.

Oh wait. Toronto already has his contract.

Obviously, cap space is always a great option, but I don’t see an NHL-wide doomsday scenario where teams around the NHL need to unload high-performing stars. I think it’s more likely teams will want to dump under-performing stars, but that’s always true.