Flyers: ‘Members Only is Not Just a Jacket’

The brilliant play of the Flyers can be attributed to a players-only meeting held in mid-October.

According to Simon Gagne, the Flyers just talked about being more responsible at their respective positions.

I’ve always wanted to be in on a players-only meeting. I have a lot of questions:

  • Who convenes it?
  • Does anyone use a gavel?
  • Is attendance taken?
  • Does everyone rush to speak first so they’re the first person to say “We have to play better”?
  • Was it awkward for Flyers coach John Stevens when they asked him to leave?
  • Did Stevens think they were maybe planning some kind of surprise party for him?

Also, the Flyers are saying they would sign Mats Sundin, which is weird given their depth down the middle and how well they’re playing without him. He might be really good in players-only meetings, though. That could be the X-factor here.

Also, Apparently the Wild were interested in Sundin. I guess Sundin, who’s ruled out Minnesota as possible NHL destination, was scared off when management kept saying, “But you’re cool with not playing offense here, right? We’re looking for someone to just hang back all the time.”