Senators: ‘We Didn’t Want Our Fans to See Us Like This’

Don’t worry if you missed last night’s Blackhawks-Senators game. Apparently a lot of Canadians did, too, as the game was shown on the not-widely-available TSN2.

Can you imagine if the Blackhawks still didn’t broadcast their home games? This might have been a game practically unseen by anyone outside of the United Center.

Obviously, the Senators didn’t want their fans to miss any scoring. They lost 2-0 to Chicago, helping goalie Cristobal Huet notch his first shutout as a Blackhawk.

Also, two quick things:

  • Stars owner Tom Hicks says co-GM Brett Hull isn’t about to be moved out of his co-GM slot. Obviously Hicks has been contemplating which looks worse: keeping Hull in an unusual management arrangement where Hull made a pretty awful personnel move or Hicks admitting he made a mistake giving the co-GM job to someone with little to no experience.
  • While there’s definitely a certain black humor in the absurdity of Joe Sakic’s freak snowblower injury, I hope this isn’t the end of his career. How sad for such a great career to end on such a succession of awful notes. I would love for Sakic to get back, even if only for the last month of this season, and play one final block of Sakic-quality hockey. Also, the NHL should probably go ahead and confiscate all player snowblowers and lawn mowers and weed wackers and blenders. It’s just too dangerous.