Drury on the Move?

Adrian Dater has an interesting plot twist in the Sundin To Rangers Show.

Like how about the Rangers moving Chris Drury to Colorado? Adrian Dater says it’s not impossible. He concocts a scenario where the Rangers waive Drury, Colorado claims him, and the Rangers are only on the hook for half of Drury’s salary. Because the Rangers would love to lose a solid player and pay him to play for another team.

Dater also says that most players with no movement clauses (like Drury has) will accept a trade once they know their team doesn’t want them anymore. Although, right off the top of my head, I can think of one player that didn’t. And his name rhymes with Bats Hundin.

I’m not saying the Rangers would never try and move Drury, but I think they’d want something back for him. He’s not a goal-scoring machine, but he brings a lot to the team; small things that don’t show up in stats, but that make the Rangers a better team in both ends. If the Rangers do try and move Drury, they’re going to want something decent back in return. He’s not a salary dump kind of player.

Over on Long Island, the Islanders are being super, super careful with goalie Rick DiPietro. He might practice with the team Friday, but he won’t dress as a backup until he’s 100% ready to return to action. Although everyone in the Islanders organization has to be thinking DiPietro really won’t help things. Goaltending has been the least of their problems.

Finally, here are the NHL playoff logos (via). I actually like the playoff one a lot better than the one done just for the finals.