Sundin Heading West; Wings Are Not Scared

I’m sorry but I think Mats Sundin is a little crazy. This week he was in New York, huddling with the Rangers, making it seem like his signing was inevitable.

And then, of course, he signed with the Canucks.

In New York, the beat writers seem to believe the X factor was a dollar sign. Larry Brooks seems depressed about the non-signing. Or maybe it’s the holidays. They’re tough on all of us.

I really hate to quote myself (FULL DISCLOSURE: I love quoting myself) but the Canucks did the Rangers a giant solid. Now, the Rangers can shed salary and wait for a more pure offensive player to come on the market at the trade deadline. And/or a big defenseman.

Also, yesterday Greg asked who was the best in the West – Detroit or San Jose. Detroit’s 6-0 win over the Sharks last night goes a long way toward answering that question.

Finally, this will be Gary Roberts last year in the NHL. He’s going to retire. He’s been playing in Tampa and he’s pretty banged up. He’s been in the league since 1986, but playing this season for the Lightning has got to feel like 4 years. At least.