Holiday Stress

I think the holidays stress everyone out — even athletes and coaches. People around the NHL seem a little tense.

Over in St. Louis, coach Andy Murray called out players by name after a loss to the Bruins. And now, rather than apologizing or clarifying, Murray is bizarrely standing by his jerky behavior. All of this drama makes one wonder if Murray’s lost his team, which is pretty much his signature coaching move. Jeff Gordon says it hasn’t happened yet, though.

Over on Long Island, Last week, defenseman Brendan Witt called out coach Scott Gordon’s defensive system, which is basically the philosophy that the best defense is a good offense. Gordon was vague about identifying the true root of the Isles defensive problems, but at least he agreed there’s a problem. While Gordon’s system isn’t a great fit for the team, injuries have certainly been a factor for the Islanders.

I’m glad the NHL is getting some days off, though. All of this verbal fighting makes me uncomfortable. I think everyone could use some downtime.