Brooks: ‘Is McSorley Still Available?’

So I leave New York City for like three or four days and I come back and Larry Brooks is clamoring for the Rangers to bring in Sean Avery?

I’m glad I wasn’t gone a week. Otherwise Chris Simon might have been in the line-up.

I see Brooks’ point. The Rangers are soft. There’s very little energy. But it’s still very much a coaching issue. You have a porous defense and a coach who refuses to sit any of his underperforming blueliners.

Tom Renney’s reputation is as a players’ coach — the kind of guy who watches the backs of his veteran players. But let’s not forget he’s also the coach who wasn’t afraid to bench top-line center Michael Nylander whenever Nylander would lose his north-south game. And that’s the coach the Rangers need right now.

Avery would probably bring energy to the Rangers, but he could just as easily bring chaos. If the Rangers need an energy injection, at this point, it seems like it needs to come from their coach.

UPDATE: The Rangers defense stays together again. Interestingly, this development means the only American job left with less accountability than being a part of the Rangers defense is running GM, Ford, or Chrysler.

Thank you. Thank you very much. What is this? A blog or an oil painting? I can hear you breathing out there…

UPDATE TWO: Puck Daddy has a nice take on all of this, too.