Doing More with Less

Do you know that Twilight Zone episode where the world ends and the one guy who survives, an avid reader, has all the books he could ever wish to read and no glasses?

Well that’s kind of what it’s like to have cap space when pretty much the rest of the NHL is capped out.

Just ask Avs GM Francois Giguere who is having a lot of trouble finding GMs to make deals with. Obviously, as the trade deadline gets closer, more teams will give up more for less, but it’s tough if you’re trying to fix your team before the playoffs fall out of reach.

NHL owners wanted a salary cap because it provides cost-certainty, but very few teams upgraded their management’s ability to manage under a cap, so now, even a team that’s been fiscally responsible, like the Avalanche, can’t get out from under their problems via a trade. It’s got to be very frustraing for Giguere.

Of course, even without a player transfusion, Colorado can still do more with less. Look at what Ducks coach Randy Carlyle did last night: he used the bruising, defensive forward Samuel Pahlsson as a big body in front of the net on the powerplay and Pahlsson scored. It was just the fourth powerplay goal of Pahlsson’s career.

Instant powerplay upgrade without a trade or roster move.

Over with the Senators, I suspect they’re trying to cut down on player meals as Jarkko Ruutu seemed a little bit hungry during last night’s game against Buffalo.

Of course, team meals don’t count against the cap, so I’m not sure what Ottawa’s angle could be on this…