Isles Need Emotional Weight Lift

It’s no secret the Islanders are looking to trade Doug Weight. It’s a logical move in the sense that the Islanders aren’t going to do anything this season and they can get some future value back for Weight.

But it’s a pretty crummy move in that Weight really wants to be a part of the Islanders — including their brutal rebuilding process.

Hockey is a business but keeping Weight could actually be a good business move for the Islanders. The Isles have a tough time attracting free-agent talent. For a myriad of reasons, the Islanders have not been able to bring free agents over to the team. Even when they’re paying a competitive salary. The Islanders don’t have much to offer, but one thing they could offer potential free agents is a less cutthroat atmosphere where a contract is a contract. Players know movement is a part of being in the NHL, but what if the Islanders went out of their way to keep a solid player who wanted to be a part of their future? Not that Weight has a lot of years left in him, but what would it mean to him, and potentially the franchise, to have him around, happy and acting a living advertisement for the joys of signing with the Islanders.

Obviously, as Weight is a free agent this summer, he could just come back to the team after a trade, but will he want to return to the team that traded him? Again?

The Islanders have an interesting opportunity to show potential free agents that signing with them does not mean you’ll eventually be traded when things inevitably go south. I think it’s an avenue this team that’s struggled to sign players needs to consider.

Also, Puck Daddy had a great interview with David Singer of I’m a huge fan of David and Greg, so it was great to see the two of them on one site. Unsurprisingly, David does a great job justifying the role of fighting in hockey.