KC the New Hockeytown?

I kind of a have a feeling Kansas City is about to become a hot NHL city.

Hot on the heels of the announcement the Islanders are going to play the Kings in an exhibition game in KC comes Wayne Gretzky’s confirmation the Coyotes are looking for new investors to help keep the team in Arizona.

I wonder if Kansas City can support two NHL teams.

Even though I’m from Queens, which is right next to Long Island, I really don’t understand the subtleties of the issues with the proposed new arena for the Islanders. Apparently traffic is a big issue, though.

The exhibition game in Kansas City is pretty universally seen as the Islanders announcing that they are going to play in a new arena, either on Long Island or in Missouri.

Speaking of the Islanders, Greg Logan says the signing of Wade Dubielewicz is a strong indicator goalie Rick DiPietro could be done for the season. Wherever the Isles end up playing, I hope the arena is built better than DiPietro’s knees.

Also, the Terry Murray watch might have begun in LA after last night’s brutal loss to the Red Wings. Helene Elliott called it “soulless and goalless.”

The Kings struggles to score aren’t entirely a coaching issue. They’ve had some injuries and they’re a very young team. But when a team seems to lose the will to compete and players aren’t standing up for each other, switching the coach often winds up being the quickest fix.

I think Helene Elliott should get the nod if Murray is fired. She knows hockey and she certainly has a way with words.