Free the All-Stars

I just can’t get psyched for the All-Star Game. I don’t see what separates it from a pre-season game.

Obviously, at this time of year, teams, like the Blackhawks, need a break from the grind of the NHL season. But couldn’t the league just stagger a break, so half of the NHL is off for a week and then the other half a week later?

Because doesn’t everyone in the NHL deserve some time off and not just the non-All-Stars? Steve Rosenbloom argues the Blackhawk most in need of a break, Patrick Kane, is going to have to work this weekend. Compare that to Dallas goalie Marty Turco, who’s spending his break in Disney World.

Hopefully Goofy won’t go five-hole on Turco in front of Turco’s kids.

Don’t sacrifice player health for a meaningless game, NHL. Free the All-Stars.

Also, my early candidate for headline of the season comes from the Philadelphia Daily News: “Same old, same old: Briere out another month, Flyers talk to Forsberg.”

How many times do you think the word boot came up in that Flyers talk?