Rangers Still Vexing

The Rangers continue to be a mess.

First, there’s the Petr Prucha situation.

Prucha hasn’t been able to consistently crack the Rangers lineup over the past two seasons. Last night, with Ryan Callahan out and Prucha the only available forward, he had to play.

So coach Tom Renney put him on the top line.

You can argue the merits of the undersized Prucha as an everyday player, but how do you rationalize using him as either a health scratch or a top-line winger? Especially given that top-line forwards Scott Gomez and Markus Naslund have both said Callahan works on their line because of his physical play. Why not give them a comparable player and put Prucha in a less prominent role?

Then, there’s the coaching situation, of which the Prucha situation is a subset.

After last night’s brutal Rangers loss to the Penguins, coach Tom Renney wasn’t very helpful:

You can put guys in the stands, you can put guys at the end of the bench, you can play different people. We’ll address what we did wrong.

But Renney has only benched third-liners. And he has yet to bench any of his awful defense since the team doesn’t carry a spare defenseman. So what exactly does all of that mean? Does Renney see an extra defenseman no one else can?

It’s all very strange.

But say what you will about Gomez’s disappointing season: the guy is trying to turn things around. He spent the All-Star break practicing at the Rangers training facility. That’s pretty hardcore.

Finally, since this is all about the Rangers, if you watch the Rangers (or Knicks) on MSG, you know Al Trautwig, who does studio and ice-side/court-side work for the network. This is an eight-minute video of him discussing his LOST theories. It’s funny because if you don’t know who he is, it looks like any other LOST fanboy video. But it’s not. It’s Trautwig. And as a LOST fanboy myself, his conspiracy theories are pretty solid.

My favorite part is when he gives you terms to Google.