Officials: ‘Stop Pushing Yourselves!’

The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater is becoming alarmingly disgusted by the Avs, but he does have the team’s back a little bit today, agreeing that they got a raw deal in their 7-4 loss to the Leafs when Milan Hejduk’s game-tying goal was waved off for a goaltender interference call on Ryan Smyth.

I can’t find the stats on the number of goaltender interference calls, and I haven’t methodically studied the accuracy of those calls, but anecdotally, I’m seeing that call more and more misapplied.

Defensive players consistently push opponents into goalies, hoping to get a call, which is what happened to Hejduk last night.

The Rangers drew a roughing call against Ryan Whitney Wednesday night when they managed to sandwich him between goalie Henrik Lundqvist and a Rangers defenseman. Whitney had no place to go to avoid Lundqvist, but it still cost him two minutes. That call would never be made without a goalie involved.

The league seems to be trying harder to protect goalies, which is good. But they need to look at who’s actually causing the goaltender interference. It’s not fair to just look at the body flying into the goalie. Officials have to start looking at what caused the body to move into the goalie. It’s not protecting goalies to punish the wrong team for putting them in danger.

Finally, congratulations to Sam Weinman of The Journal News. He’s leaving the newspaper (and his wonderful Rangers blog) to work for

Weinman did a great job blogging about the New York Rangers. Beat writer blogs are a mixed bag but Weinman’s was always informative and entertaining. In fact, of all of the beat writer blogs I read, his was probably my favorite.

Columnist Rick Carpiniello seems to be taking over on the J-N’s Rangers beat. Or at least on the blog.