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Caps Are Not Flyer Fans

I love rivalries, so I was pretty psyched to learn the Caps aren’t huge fans of the Flyers. It doesn’t seem personal. The Flyers are just a physical team and of course, Flyer fans are pretty rough, too. It seems like the Capitals don’t appreciate the Flyer experience. I’m not sure Washington has to worry […]

Will Crosby Find His Own Wings?

Yesterday, Larry Brooks had some great old-school gossip about the Penguins: apparently Sidney Crosby is not very happy with the organization; specifically the quality of his wings. Brooks also raises the old “Penguins coach Michel Therrien has lost the room” refrain, which is repeated so frequently, eventually it will be true. Although pulling your goalie […]


Mark Moore’s SAVING THE GAME came out in 2006 and I managed to avoid hearing anything about it until late 2008. I was watching HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA and someone off-handedly asked Dominic Moore about his brother’s book. I did some research and found out about SAVING THE GAME. Mark Moore played in the Penguins […]

Gaborik On Shelf. Again.

Marian Gaborik is going to be out 10-14 weeks with hip surgery. Apparently, the Wild aren’t very happy about it and seem to have wanted him to play through the pain. Or, to be more accurate, they probably wanted him to play through the pain until they were able to trade him. I bet the […]

Winter Wonderland

I rarely get to say anything nice about the NHL, but the Winter Classic has been a pretty great idea. The NHL season is so long. You need something to break it up a little bit and the All-Star game is so pointless, it’s hard to get excited. I feel awful Doc Emrick won’t be […]