Phantoms Now Phantoms

Some more semi-random notes:

  • The Flyers sold their Philadelphia-based AHL team and are looking for a new affiliate near Philly. Having an AHL affiliate across town is a tremendous advantage for a team. It makes call-ups much easier, but also makes scouting incredibly simple. The Phantoms played in the Spectrum, which is about to get knocked down.
  • The Leafs have lost 13 of their last 20 and rumors persist goalie Vesa Toskala might be temporarily shut-down to allow his groin/hip soreness to heal and make Toskala tradeable. Goalie Justin Pogge, who’s lately been playing in front of a Toronto defense that already seems to be out on the links, has looked pretty good.
  • David Pollak suspects that for the most part, the Sharks will stand pat at the trade deadline. I think it would be funny if they traded away Joe Thornton. We haven’t seen a good throwback trade in a while.