Forsberg Moves to Retirement; Dallman the KHL’s Bobby Orr

It seems Peter Forsberg is moving closer toward retirement.

His comeback game in Sweden didn’t go very well and ended with Forsberg saying the game “wasn’t fun at all.”

I thought I’d be happier when Forsberg finally ended his Quixotic NHL comeback drive, but seeing him give up his dream a continent away from the NHL seems especially sad. It would have been nice for him to play one more NHL game. Unless you were a fan of the team he signed with. Then, I imagine his presence could be quite frustrating.

And lest I get too emotional, don’t forget that Forsberg hasn’t retired yet. There’s still plenty of time for him to decide to press forward with his comeback. Forsberg is crazy like that.

But whatever Forsberg decides, it seems we’ll never see a Forsberg with a 100% command of his game.

I know Forsberg is Swedish, but maybe he should have tried to comeback in the KHL. Kevin Allen isn’t impressed by the quality of the play there, pointing out defenseman Kevin Dallman has put up 23 goals in 45 games. The last time Dallman had numbers like that, it was 2002 and he was in the OHL.

So Forsberg could probably put up 20 goals in the KHL with one skate. He wouldn’t get paid, but maybe he’s OK with that.

And don’t you think the Stars would love to send Sean Avery, who is expected to soon be allowed to the NHL, to play in Russia? As unsound as Avery is hockey-skill-wise, he could probably put up 30-40 goals there.