Tom Renney cannot be long for New York.

Let’s ignore yesterday’s blowout loss to the Flyers.

Larry Brooks pretty much predicted the entire debacle before the game.

NBC did a fine job of calling out the players while giving Renney a free pass. But Brooks brought up the many coaching issues that have contributed to the Rangers amazing implosion over the past eight games.

When a team goes into freefall like the Rangers have, there needs to be a fall guy. GM Glen Sather, while responsible for the flawed composition of the team, is, like so many NHL GMs, teflon. The players can’t be fired, so that leaves Renney.

The thing of it is, a team can have a bad stretch and that’s a pretty normal thing. But when the beat writers can predict the failures, that kind of gives a vibe that some of these issues might have been preventable.

On a perhaps related note, Jay McKee continues to struggle with the Blues, having spent Friday as a healthy scratch. The Rangers have overpaid defensemen who aren’t working out. The Blues have an overpaid defenseman who isn’t working out. It seems logical for the two teams to consider swapping problems, if for no other reason than doing something is better than doing nothing when you’re dealing with players struggling this much.