Tortorella Coaching Real Gentle

It’s been very interesting watching John Tortorella coach his first few games in New York (both losses).

For all of the talk about how brutally honest Tortorella is, he’s been very gentle with a very broken Rangers team. I would never guess Tortorella would even contemplate saying something like this: “You can’t hate your guys because they’re struggling. Its easy to love them when its going well and then hate them when its going bad. Our best players are going to have to be our best players. And they will.”

I didn’t follow Tortorella that closely in Tampa, so maybe I just didn’t see how nuanced his coaching is. But the fact that he’s not coming into a fragile locker room and trying to blow the doors off of what’s left of everybody’s self-confidence is just very impressive.

Of course, Tortorella’s greatest challenge lies ahead as he’ll soon have to figure out how to weave Sean Avery into the team. And honestly, reading what Jim Kelley says Tortorella needs to do to make that work, while all sounding true, just made me very tired.

San Jose’s Joe Thornton probably wishes he played for Tortorella. He got called out by coach Todd McLellan after this week’s loss to the Red Wings. I guess that helped San Jose overcome Ottawa last night.

Also, I very much appreciate Anthony J. SanFilippo ignoring the siren call of trade rumors and being honest about a team’s trade prospects. SanFilippo says the Flyers are too capped out to make a significant deadline move. It’s not a sexy thing to report, but it’s true. And it takes courage to report that.

Finally, Adrian Dater has a sad goodbye to the Rocky Mountain News, the paper he used to compete against. The RMN folds today. If you happen to keep your newspaper ink in a forty-ounce container, it’s totally appropriate to spill a little out this morning. Or tonight in a park.