Trade Deadline — Or Lifeline?

The trade deadline draws nearer. I’ve always thought the NHL should take a few nights off for it. Get everyone in the same room, players and GMs, and just do the trading right there, live. It would be like when you chose teams when you were a kid. Maybe the NHL could make it even more dramatic and have the GMs bring cash, too. They could use the cash to indicate cap space. Who wouldn’t watch that? I’d watch that every week, let alone once a year. And we all know who’s hosting: Alyssa Milano. That’s a huge hit, right there.

Ducks GM Bob Murray said he won’t be trading Scott Niedermayer, which probably means there wasn’t the right amount of interest in him.

Niedermayer is a great player, but he’s not exactly plug-and-play. It takes time to integrate a derenseman like him into a system. Players have to get used to him since he’ll have stretches where he plays more like a forward than a blueliner. Stay-at-home defensemen are much more interchangeable and are probably seen as less of a risk. Especially for a rental.

Speaking of defensemen who skate like forwards, Bruin Matt Hunwick was moved from defense to forward, to fill-in for the injured Milan Lucic. He’ll be playing with Marc Savard and Phil Kessel until Lucic is ready to return, which could be soon

Returning to California, Kings coach Terry Murray says he doesn’t expect the team to make any deadline moves, continuing the Kings tradition of excellence. The team motto should be “Bad is good enough.”

Also, someone needs to tell the injured Marian Gaborik it’s not a great idea to admit you havn’t been watching games while recuperating. I see it as proof people really don’t enjoy watching the trap.

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