Stevens Bakes; Carbonneau Cans? Or Just Canned?

Two fun facts to start today:

The baking thing comes up in Anthony J. SanFilippo’s column on chemistry in the Flyers locker room — chemistry that was hurt by the Flyers trade deadline moves. It was an especially frustrating deadline for the players because they lost some good guys and good players in order to lower their cap.

And wow. Guy Carbonneau getting fired in Montreal. My first thought was that Carbonneau would go right back to Dallas, where he was once the heir-apparent GM, but Mike Heika doesn’t see a role for him. Unless Dallas goes with three GMs. Two has worked pretty well for them.

Also, I love how the Lightning players have to go hand-deliver season tickets and renewal forms. It’s like penance. I think it would be great if they could somehow broadcast the visits. I would love to hear them getting an earful from the fans.

Both of them.