Haunted Goalie Masks

So after settling down for a brief period in February, Dallas goalie Marty Turco seems to be regressing, getting pulled in the first period last night, his second hook in six starts. Unsurprisingly, Dallas lost to the Blues, tightening the Western Conference playoff race even more.

Dallas coach Dave Tippett told Bill Nichols before the game that Turco plays better when he’s fatigued. I think Dallas need to re-evaluate that idea, or maybe fatigue Turco a little more. Like maybe have him play an entire game.

Over in Columbus, Boston goalie Tim Thomas gave up the game-winning goal after being forced to wear fellow-Bruin Manny Fernandez’s mask, lending credence to the theory that Fernandez’s play of late is not really his fault &#151 it’s just that his mask is haunted.

The Stars might want to get Turco’s mask looked at, too. I’m guessing it’s made out of Greg Brady’s tiki.

Also, the Avs are pretty capped out for next season. Adrian Dater has a scary look at the numbers.

Finally, the Penguins won their sixth game in a row last night. I can’t think of a better time for the Penguins to get hot. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Penguins grabbing Bill Guerin, but maybe he’s been a stabilizing influence (although, to be fair, he’s only been around three of the wins).