PuckUpdate: ‘Sorry, Blues!’

First of all, I would like to formally apologize to the St. Louis Blues. Back in February, I teased Jeff Gordon for suggesting the Blues were heading toward a playoff position. This morning, the Blues are just two games out of a spot, helped by last night’s huge win over San Jose. Imagine if the Blues had been a little bit healthier this season.

Don’t try and imagine the Islanders a little healthier. It’s like trying to imagine the sound of one-hand clapping. The Isles have gotten to the point where even their backup callups are getting hurt. Kurtis McLean is the latest victim; he hurt his leg playing soccer before last night’s win over Montreal. It’s gotten to the point where the Islanders jersey should come with a warning label. You put that on, and odds are, you will get hurt.

Finally, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently caught up with Bruce Levenson, the co-owner of the Thrashers. He provides some interesting nuggets about how things work in Atlanta. For instance:

The other big mistake is maybe trying to go too fast in building a winner here. I think we made the same mistake every new owner makes in that regard.

Winner? Too fast? The Thrashers have played just four playoff games and have never won one. If this is fast winning, I shudder to think what a slow, deliberate team building would look like. I suppose it would involve impregnating women believed to have hockey-favorable genetic make-up. And even that project would take less than 20 years. The “quick” build has been in progress for almost 10 years.