Jay Cutler is No Patrick Roy

Terry Frei had a great piece comparing Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler’s beef with his new coach to Patrick Roy’s beef with Mario Tremblay.

Roy’s beef famously ended with a trade out of Montreal to Colorado.

Of course, one key difference in the two stories is that Patrick Roy was Patrick Roy, while Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler. That’s a pretty huge difference.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, James Gordon looked back on Senators coach Cory Clouston’s first 20 games as coach. The team is 11-6-3 under Clouston and it sounds like there’s a better attitude in the locker room. He also says the team is playing more physically. And that was probably before he saw Puck Daddy’s explosive report that Gordie Howe Hat Tricks actually correlate to wins.

Finally, Allan Muir looks at the Western Conference bubble teams and has some surprisingly nice things to say about Dallas coach Dave Tippett. The people of Dallas probably can’t even process that last sentence.