Making Avery Work; Tooth/Salary Caps

Mike Heika posed an interesting question this morning: why didn’t Sean Avery work in Dallas?

Heika obviously can’t say for sure. My suspicion is that ultimately, Avery’s salary was a source of jealousy and that kept the other players from embracing him. Salary is a huge thing &#151 especially in a league with a salary cap. Avery not only was making a lot of money, but that money represented dollars no one else could have.

Avery has been solid in New York, but he can’t sustain that pinball forecheck forever. He’s been seeing top-six-forward minutes, but I’m guessing his play will even out, his adrenaline will dissipate, and he’ll become a mainstay of the third line. And that’s just about the perfect role for Avery.

Also, the Avs might qualify for revenue sharing this season. When it rains, it pours: the Avs have a brutal season on the ice, which translates into a brutal season on their books, which makes it that much harder to find the free-agent money to sign someone to help them. I never thought the Avs would need to make use of revenue sharing, though. That’s pretty shocking.

Speaking of the salary cap, the Wings are trying to figure out how they can re-sign Marian Hossa next season. I’m not sure how they can re-sign Hossa and Johan Franzen and still have a 20-man roster. If I’m Wings GM Ken Holland, I’m looking into if I can sign each for 41 games. As King Solomon once said, “Split the baby!”

Finally, Mark Emmons has a day in the life of an NHL dentist. Now that’s a tough gig, as you might imagine.