Erat Out; Philly Writers Squabble

Wow. Martin Erat is out for the rest of the season. That’s tough for Nashville, who really haven’t locked down a spot in the playoffs. Even worse, he was hurt by friendly fire &#151 teammate Shea Weber pulled the trigger. The only good news is that the Predators might call up the beloved Jed Ortmeyer, who’s been playing in the AHL for the Milwaukee Admirals. He has 24 points in 55 games, which is actually pretty huge for Ortmeyer.

The Stars are another team running with an AHL roster. Of course, the NHL roster didn’t really work out for them, so I could see how this doesn’t seem like a horrible alternative.

If you like drama, you’re going to love what’s going on with Saturday, Anthony J. SanFilippo called Flyers rookie Claude Giroux the next Peter Forsberg. Sunday, Tim Panaccio suggested “people and reporters” calm down about the rookie. We need to get these two on skates.

Oh. And this is pretty funny. The band PUMMELER has a song called Crosby Sucks. It’s actually not bad. I’m not a big fan of their Ovechkin song but I’d love for them to write something about Rico Fata. I’d love for anyone to write a song about Rico Fata. Puck Daddy DC Sports Bog interviewed the band.