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‘Oh Wow. We Used Sticks in Tampa, Too.’

I enjoy checking in on players immediately after they were traded. It’s like watching someone at their first day of work: Mark Recchi hit the ground running in Boston. It helps that after he was traded to Carolina, they won the Cup. Shockingly, he spent some time in last night’s loss to Phoenix bouncing around […]

NHL GMs Play It Safe For Once in Their Lives

This year’s trade deadline was basically fantasy hockey. Not a lot of big names moved. It was a lot of second-tier players. The kind you spend a lot of time moving on a fantasy team. Adrian Dater called it Tuesday: GMs are scared to death of the probability of a shrunken future cap. Pretty much […]

If Awkwardness Was Cap Space, These Teams Would Be Rich

Today is the NHL trade deadline, but I think it’s going to be tough to touch yesterday in terms of sheer awkwardness of moment. The Penguins waived Miro Satan yesterday and then had him in the lineup for last night’s win over Tampa. If it had been me, I wouldn’t have listened to anything Penguins […]

Trade Deadline — Or Lifeline?

The trade deadline draws nearer. I’ve always thought the NHL should take a few nights off for it. Get everyone in the same room, players and GMs, and just do the trading right there, live. It would be like when you chose teams when you were a kid. Maybe the NHL could make it even […]