Devils Need One-Star Travel

Saturday night, Islanders coach Scott Gordon used stay-at-home defenseman Brendan Witt in the shootout, obviously a very strange move. Greg Logan finally got to ask Gordon about the rationale for Witt. Basically, it sounds like Gordon is just experimenting, since the season is over. I’m with Gordon on this. I’d put my backup goalie in as a shooter. Live it up. The Islanders had a brutal season. At least Gordon is trying to make things interesting.

Speaking of struggling teams, over in New Jersey, coach Brent Sutter is done being player friendly. The team seems like it will finish the season with Sutter’s neck against their throats. Of course, part of me is really wondering if GM Lou Lamoriello is going to do what he always does this time of year, just about every season, and fire the coach. I don’t get that vibe, but it’s in the back of my mind. Rich Chere has some interesting thoughts on how to get the Devils going. Most of his suggestions seem to revolve around making travel unpleasant for the team. If Chere is serious, he should get me to travel with them. A few flights with me, and they’d be begging for more practice time.

Oh. And Capitals Outsider has an amazingly exhaustive piece comparing Elena Alyonka Larionov to Anna Kournikova. I clicked over for the pictures, but I stayed for the reporting. And the pictures. But mostly the reporting.