Blues in the Playoffs…For Now

What a crazy night last night.

The Blues beat Detroit, the Blues on the second half of a back-to-back and the Wings coming off of three days of rest.

The Blues are now in the playoffs. I don’t think anyone saw that coming a few weeks ago. The bottom of the Western Conference is crazy. It’s like a new team every day.

Speaking of the Wings, they’re close to locking down Johan Franzen longterm, which you have to believe means Marian Hossa will walk at the end of this season. Especially given that Detroit looks like it will be in the market for some new goaltending this summer. Unless Hossa takes another massive discount to stay in Detroit. There is a precedent in the American auto industry…

Am I the only one who’d be touched to see AHL-exiled Blues goalie Manny Legace make a triumphant NHL return as a Wing? Not that it would be any kind of upgrade for Detroit. But sometimes signings need to be more about bringing people together and less about success. And if Detroit brought Legace back, maybe he could change his name to Legacy. This could be a huge thing.

The Nashville Predators are one game out of the playoffs with a game in hand on the Blues. The Predators recalled the beloved Jed Ortmeyer for the push, giving Nashville grit, defense, and experience, but not much else. Jason Arnott could be back next week, but given how tight the playoff race is, and how soon the season is over, that could be too late to save Nashville’s season.

Speaking of saved seasons, or lack thereof, Toronto GM Brian Burke apologized for the team not making the playoffs. Of course, Burke’s next move as GM will be to bring in an army of thugs to skate for the Leafs. I almost feel like as Burke was saying ‘I’m sorry,’ in his head he was thinking, ‘I’m sorry we didn’t terrorize more people this season. Suckers.’