Roy a Glutton For Punishment?

I know the playoffs start this week, but that’s why it’s all the more important to think about the next coach of the Avs. Because once the playoffs start, no one is going to say the word Avalanche again for quite a while. Adrian Dater is hearing the next coach could be Patrick Roy.

It makes sense for the Avs but would Roy want to get mired in the morass that is the Colorado Avalanche? This is a team that seemed completely shocked by the start of this season. It was almost as if no one owned a calendar. So while I’m sure Roy does have a lot of affection for the Avs, I’m not sure he wants to hook his chariot to their star right away.

Speaking of awful teams, Larry Brooks wonders why the Islanders and Thrashers can’t do more with less like St. Louis did this season. Brooks credits coaching in St. Louis, but I think you have to give credit to the team, too. I don’t know how they didn’t give up. I keep waiting to hear Paul Kariya is going to make a surprise return to the line-up.