If Players Could Twitter During Games and If We Could Receive Twitters From the Future: An Eastern Conference Preview

KovalevHabs Where is the linesman? I need to know who to complain to in the closing minutes.

BruinGoalieTimmy I hope I don’t break a hip.

BruinGoalieTimmy Can Chara dunk?

BeanTownZMan I wonder if I could dunk.

ScottyGNYC I wish I had someone to pass to. Also, has Ryan Callahan been on the ice for the past 50 minutes?

RangerTorts Ha! Let them try and match up against someone rolling one line!

DCBackstrom Don’t shoot at Jose or Brent. Don’t shoot at Jose or Brent. Don’t shoot at Jose or Brent. Don’t shoot at Jose or Brent.

Cap’nGreen Why do they call my position defenseman? Also, what’s defense?

Rod17 What the heck is this? Putter? I don’t need a putter. And does this type need to be so small?

DevsZach I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt that I scored 45 goals this year and no one knows who I am.

NYNJShanny Who the heck wears 9?

PhillyBriere Man. I’ve played like four games in a row. I’m tired. How do people do that?

PAGoalieMarty I think Niittymaki is trying to kill me. My brakes didn’t work this morning.

PhillyNiittymaki Man…brake fluid smells strong.

Crosby87 Now that I have my own whistle, this whole process is a lot more streamlined.

ScrantonSatan They sent me down alright. Down to HELL! J/k. It was only the AHL.