Havlat Still a Hawk

Be honest. How many people even remembered Martin Havlat still played for the Blackhawks? I think even people in the Blackhawks organization didn’t remember Havlat was on their roster.

Now, it’s tough to forget, given his two huge goals in a 3-2 win over the Flames.

Chicago basically held on against Calgary, but it was a big win in terms of confidence for the young Blackhawks team. If Chicago had lost game one, I could have seen them getting swept: despair has its own cetrifugal force.

The Ducks also had a big game one win last night. If you hear about an Anaheim playoff shut-out, you’re probably thinking Jean-Sebastien Giguere, but the rookie Jonas Hiller was in goal and in Giguere-esque form. The Ducks also had an awesome penalty kill. I’m not saying the Sharks would have won with Claude Lemieux in the line-up, but I’d be very shocked to see him scratched for game two. Lemieux is tough to play against, and that’s probably the easiest thing for the Sharks to work on. They need to disrupt the Ducks defense. Because it was almost a force of nature last night.

Finally, just because it’s turning out to be a bit of a soap opera, Adrian Dater has an urgent plea to the Colorado Avalanche management, requesting they not bring in Eric Lacroix, son of team president Pierre Lacroix, as the new GM. If drama translated to points, the Avs would be in the playoffs this year. The only place left to go is for the Avs to reveal Pierre Lacroix has a son he kept secret. And of course that son would have to be Joe Sakic. And then everyone would fight and wind up in a pool. There would probably be shoulder pads somewhere in there, too. I don’t have the details sketched out yet.