Ovechkin Passes

Everyone made a big deal about Alex Ovechkin sitting on the Caps bench to watch the Rangers practice before game three.

Maybe he caught some of a passing drill and decided he wanted to pass the puck, too.

After spending the first two games almost pathologically refusing to pass up a shot, Ovechkin spent game three distributing the puck. He even spent some time behind the goal, trying to set teammates up. And obviously, it worked, as the Caps won 4-0.

Ovechkin had some help with the win, of course. The Rangers offense was once again listless. Rookie goalie Simeon Varlamov was solid, but never really tested. The undersized Rangers found the middle of the ice completely unavailable to them.

If the Caps repeat last night’s game, they should be in the second round of the playoffs shortly. The Rangers need to tighten up their defense, especially in terms of taking away the Washington pass. They also need to get taller and heavier. Maybe a lot of milkshakes and McDonalds?

Over in Chicago, Patrick Kane has the flu at a pretty awful time. Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville should have suited him up and just had Kane breathe on Flames skating by.