Everyone Do What Detroit’s Doing

Wow. Poor Columbus. They’ve looked like a deer in headlights against Detroit.

The only thing remotely working for the Blue Jackets is R.J. Umberger, who’s scored all of their playoff goals and two of their three points.

Columbus goalie Steve Mason is having problems dealing with all of the Red Wing traffic in front of him and his net. And the Blue Jackets just don’t have enough players who can clear.

It’s a little early to think about what the Blue Jackets are going to do in the off-season, but now that they have some offense and play-making, they’re going to need some more size to match-up against a team like Detroit. Ironically, when you think of Columbus coach Ken Hitchcock, you think of grit and stifling defense. But I think this season, he identified offense as the more pressing need to address for his club. It was a good call and it got the Blue Jackets into the playoffs, but now, he needs to round-out their game. Because pretty much everyone agrees the series is over.

The Flyers are in a pretty big hole against the Penguins. Anthony SanFilippo says the Flyer locker room feels they can win some games against the Penguins, but not the series. Tim Panaccio says the Flyers need to move to a down-low Detroit-esque offense, since nothing else seems to be getting past Penguin goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

And goodbye to the Blues. Their miracle run into the playoffs is over. I still couldn’t tell you how they managed to get in. The team ran half a season on fumes. It’s something we’ll tell our kids about. Only we’ll call them the Venus Blues, because by then, we’ll have franchises on other planets and of course, the NHL will gravitate toward those planets closer to the sun in non-traditional hockey markets.