The Non-Winners

Sometimes, during the playoffs, it’s nice to check-in on what the losing teams are up to.

For instance, Jim Kelley has a great piece reminding HabNation not to give up on goalie Carey Price after his brutal playoff performance. Kelley points out it takes a while for a great goalie to emerge and uses Roberto Luongo as his example.

Of course, perhaps as the exception that proves that rule, you have Martin Brodeur, who seems like he’s always been Martin Brodeur, and who, last night, looked like he would always be Martin Brodeur.

The Blues are looking at their brief playoff appearance as an experience upon which they can build. And obviously, the team wants to look into building a better health care plan for the players.

Last night, in their last night of the playoffs, the Blue Jackets erupted for five goals, almost triple their output the previous three games, only to surrender a powerplay goal in the final minutes. It was nice to see the Blue Jackets finally wake up, but it would have been nice if they hadn’t waited until the end of the series.