Can Poor Analogies Cost a Team the Cup?

It’s very interesting to see how the Flyers view their status as a heavily penalized team. Tim Panaccio asked Mike Richards about the Flyers signing someone who can set-up in the crease as well as clear the crease, and Richards said the Flyers can’t afford that kind of player given the amount of penalties they already collect.

The thing is, though, to a certain degree, the Flyers can control the penalties called against them. The secret? Don’t take so many. Cut down on the ill-advised penalties and then suddenly you can a have big body in the crease. It’s a bit disturbing that the Flyers still don’t see their role in the penalties called against them.

And speaking of losing teams, this has got to be the worst public motivational call-out I’ve ever seen:

“You can’t just go to Costco and pick it up,” coach Todd McLellan said of the grit the team lacked. “But it’s an essential ingredient to winning.”

I don’t know which analogy is worse &#151 the shopping one or the recipe one. I think I just figured out why the Sharks didn’t make it out of the first round. They were probably hearing things like “We’ve got to saute and you guys are braising out there!” or “Come on, second line. We’re Sam’s Club, not Family Dollar!” I appreciate McLellan’s desire to avoid cliches, but if you wander too far outside of the box, you really kind of get into a very bad motivational area.

During the off-season, maybe McLellan should rent MIRACLE and HOOSIERS.