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If Players Could Twitter During Games and If We Could Receive Twitters From the Future: An Eastern Conference Preview

KovalevHabs Where is the linesman? I need to know who to complain to in the closing minutes. BruinGoalieTimmy I hope I don’t break a hip. BruinGoalieTimmy Can Chara dunk? BeanTownZMan I wonder if I could dunk. ScottyGNYC I wish I had someone to pass to. Also, has Ryan Callahan been on the ice for the […]

Roy a Glutton For Punishment?

I know the playoffs start this week, but that’s why it’s all the more important to think about the next coach of the Avs. Because once the playoffs start, no one is going to say the word Avalanche again for quite a while. Adrian Dater is hearing the next coach could be Patrick Roy. It […]

Low Expectations

Jim Kelley has an interesting column wondering if expectations are routinely too high for Canadian teams. Basically, he doesn’t think it’s realistic to expect any team to consistently make the playoffs. As someone whose life and career are predicated on meeting low expectations, I have to tip my hat to Kelley and his slacker defense. […]

Eastern Conference Struggles

Is it me, or is every Eastern Conference team in the middle of some kind of slide? Montreal has lost its two best defensemen and last night couldn’t beat Ottawa to solidify their playoff spot. The Flyers are firmly entrenched in the playoffs, but have struggled lately. The Devils seem to be coming out of […]

Blues in the Playoffs…For Now

What a crazy night last night. The Blues beat Detroit, the Blues on the second half of a back-to-back and the Wings coming off of three days of rest. The Blues are now in the playoffs. I don’t think anyone saw that coming a few weeks ago. The bottom of the Western Conference is crazy. […]

MacTavish: ‘Also, I Don’t Think His Car Is Legally Parked’

Wow. Last night Phoenix’s Al Montoya became the first Cuban-American to play in the NHL. Even better, he got a shutout. Montoya is a former first-round pick who’s never seemed particularly ready for the NHL, so it’s great he had such a strong game. Even if it was against a horrible team. A horrible team […]

Devils Need One-Star Travel

Saturday night, Islanders coach Scott Gordon used stay-at-home defenseman Brendan Witt in the shootout, obviously a very strange move. Greg Logan finally got to ask Gordon about the rationale for Witt. Basically, it sounds like Gordon is just experimenting, since the season is over. I’m with Gordon on this. I’d put my backup goalie in […]