Potvin Fired!

Last night we saw two game threes go into overtime, with each game ending 3-2.

In Raleigh, the Bruins looked completely out of steam, yet still made it to OT before losing.

In Pittsburgh, the Caps seemed to spend the whole game on the penalty kill. And while the penalty kill was strong, it prevented Washington from finding a rhythm. Also not helping things was Evgeni Malkin’s realization that the second round had already started.

Also, the bankruptcy of the Phoenix Coyotes continues to leave more questions than answers. Like just how much money are they giving coach/owner Wayne Gretzky? And will he ever see any of it?

Down in Florida, Denis Potvin, arguably most famous for being the subject of a derisive Ranger fan chant, is leaving his job as the Florida Panthers TV analyst. According to Potvin, it was a money thing. According to the Panthers, they needed their broadcasters to be in Florida all year for marketing and fan outreach purposes.

George Richards says he heard rumors of this move back in January, but the current Coyotes situation has to be scaring teams like the Panthers into doing everything within their power to get fans in the seats.