Avs Search For Money Everywhere

It’s amazing what the struggles of the Phoenix Coyotes is flushing out.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s report the Panthers are firing TV analyst Denis Potvin to find someone who can give them more bang for their buck, Adrian Dater uses some back-of-the-envelope calculations to estimate what the Avs lost this season and says he’s hearing the Avs might simulcast their games on the radio, rather than having a separate radio team.

Dater also reports the Avs pay their own Internet charges at hotels, which cracks me up. Do roommates have to split the bill? Do they split it down the middle or based upon usage? Is hotel Internet really that expensive that the team can’t pick up the tab? Did the Coyotes know about this? Are they now wishing they had charged players for their uniforms? Or a rental charge for their lockers?