Caps and Penguins: ‘Six Incredible Games Were Enough’

Last night I went out with some friends to watch game seven, all of us thinking this could possibly be the greatest game seven we had ever seen.

Obviously, we were mistaken. Shocked and mistaken.

You can talk about the offensive explosion that was the Penguins 6-2 win. But I was shocked by the Penguins defense. They kept the Capitals to the boards the whole game. And the harder Washington pressed, the quicker the Penguins moved the puck out of their zone. It was gritty and disciplined hockey. And it kept Washington from even raising the thought of a comeback.

The Caps are now in an awkward situation with goalie Simeon Varmalov. The rookie goalie’s last memory of this season will be of being pulled in a key game seven. That can’t be good for his confidence.

Also, not a big surprise, given that he never looked 100%, but Mike Green (and some other Caps) were playing hurt.

I was pleasantly surprised to see three other people at the bar to watch the game. Although two of them were Caps fans, so sometimes their crying got a little loud.