Penguins Win with Lucky Seven

Ha! The Penguins are really selling the seven defenseman concept. Philippe Boucher, the Penguins seventh defenseman scored last night’s game-winning goal.

This is par for the course for the Hurricanes, though. They’ve lost game one of every playoff game this season.

Tonight is game two of Detroit-Chicago. The Blackhawks aren’t hitting the panic button yet, which is good. One thing Chicago coach Joel Quenneville needs to consider is his ‘fight fire with fire’ strategy for game one. Since Detroit plays a net-centric, funnel offense, Quenneville set-up the Hawks the same way. And there’s a certain logic to that. But the Blackhawks can’t beat Detroit that way. The Wings are too good down low. And more importantly, Detroit goalie Chris Osgood plays too well in traffic. Chicago needs to attack Osgood from between the faceoff circles. Instead of going to the net, they need to create before the net. Not that it’s an easy thing to do. But Anaheim’s speed frequently worked well against the Wings. It shouldn’t be any different for Chicago.