Blackhawks Will or Won’t Win the Series

Over in Chicago, Dan McNeil is already writing the 2008-09 Blackhawks’ eulogy. I guess he doesn’t want to be seen as jumping on the bandwagon if they lose to Detroit.

Len Ziehm is a bit more optimistic, writing some ways the ‘Hawks might mount a comeback.

Also, speaking of Chicago, former Blackhawk goalie Glenn Hall isn’t a big fan of the current NHL game. He doesn’t like all the charging and boarding. But it does give credence to the idea that one of the reasons the modern game seems to have so many cheap shots is that the players are so well-protected. Because, I think when Hall played, the players didn’t even wear shirts, let alone pads.

Over in Chicago, Chris Kunitz has yet to score in the playoffs. But playing with Sidney Crosby, I think that’s totally acceptable, as he’s doing a lot of the legwork to create space for Crosby, with Bill Guerin the second scoring option. But Kunitz doesn’t have a post-season goal since 2007, which is a pretty long time.

I totally missed this, but apparently Mark Recchi played game 7 for the Bruins (against Carolina) after having kidney stones removed the night before. I guess after that surgery, losing a game 7 seemed like a veritable vacation.

Finally, Caps fans have to be excited about next season. Who doesn’t want to hear their GM say, “Ideally, you want to avoid free agents because they’re always more expensive and longer-term than you want. You’re better off looking for the bargains. I would prefer making a trade or something like that rather than signing a free agent.”

It’s great that George McPhee is salary-conscious and it’s great that he wants to find a good deal, but is it really that bad to sign a free-agent? Shouldn’t he be a little more open to the idea? It’s not like buying a baby on the black market. It’s a pretty socially acceptable part of the GM process.