Everyone Left in Western Conference Barely Breathing

What can you say about “Evgeni Malkin’s performance last night? There were stretches where he looked downright Ovechkin-esque, doing everything but playing goal. And shoving Sidney Crosby. He’ll get there, though.

I thought Malkin’s potential seemed to have plateaued, but after last night’s game, I’m curious just how much he’s capable of.

Over in the Western Conference, rumors persist Chicago defenseman Duncan Keith is sick. Of course, just about everyone in the Detroit-Chicago series is rumored to be sick or injured. And not to tip my age or go Larry King on you, but am I the only person who confuses Duncan Sheik and Duncan Keith?

Mitch Albom did a funny piece on Chris Chelios, having him compare the cities of Detroit and Chicago. The interview took place before Jeremy Roenick basically said Detroit coach Mike Babcock has been secretly beating Chelios. The whole thing made me think Roenick, Babcock and Chelios should do a travel show together. They could visit cities, showing us the sites, and then at the end, Babcock and Roenick could fight for Chelios’ honor.

Finally, speaking of Detroit, Jakob Hawkins, who bears a striking resemblance to Henrik Zetterberg, and his friend Greg DeLiso, have done an alternative commercial for the Conference Finals. To be honest, I always dread when people send me homemade videos, but this is well-produced and very funny. I hope the NHL runs with it: