Stanley Cup Deja Vu

So this year’s Stanley Cup finals will be a rematch of last year’s. The Blackhawks magical run through the post-season finally ended last night.

It’s interesting how close the Detroit-Chicago series actually was. Chicago had a decent chance to win games two and five. Another season or so of experience and the Blackhawks might have won those two and the series is still being played. Plus, Cristobal Huet played his pads off, setting him up to take over the starting goaltending job next season.

A Pittsburgh-Chicago finals would have been pretty amazing, but you really can’t complain about Pittsburgh-Detroit. I wonder if Pittsburgh has the personnel to keep Detroit out of the crease, though. Chicago sure didn’t.

Finally, over in Colorado, Pierre McGuire tells Adrian Dater Avs coach Tony Granato can come back from having his job offered to Patrick Roy, who then turned it down. Having just watched the season premier of JON & KATE PLUS 8, I can report that some things are just too awkward and uncomfortable to rebound from. But if Granato really wants to come back from this, step one needs to be to throw a party for as many five-year-olds as he can get his hands on.