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Avs Search For Money Everywhere

It’s amazing what the struggles of the Phoenix Coyotes is flushing out. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s report the Panthers are firing TV analyst Denis Potvin to find someone who can give them more bang for their buck, Adrian Dater uses some back-of-the-envelope calculations to estimate what the Avs lost this season and says […]

Potvin Fired!

Last night we saw two game threes go into overtime, with each game ending 3-2. In Raleigh, the Bruins looked completely out of steam, yet still made it to OT before losing. In Pittsburgh, the Caps seemed to spend the whole game on the penalty kill. And while the penalty kill was strong, it prevented […]

The Hamilton BlackBerrys?

You have to pity the NHL. There were two game threes last night and this morning the big story has got to be the Phoenix Coyotes filing for bankruptcy. Jim “BlackBerry” Balsillie has an offer to buy the team on the table, provided the team moves to Ontario. The NHL is questioning the legality of […]

Bettman: ‘I Should Have Wished For More Wishes’

I love when people say hockey is a team sport and one person really never has the ability to dominate a game, unlike the NBA. If anyone says that, show them last night’s Caps-Pens game, where Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin each had a hat trick. It’s funny to watch Washington play Pittsburgh so well […]